Permanent Orienteering Courses at Hell Fire Club & Massy's Estate

POC Map at Hellfire WoodWell done to all involved in creating and setting up the new permanent orienteering courses (POCs), in Hellfire and Massy's Estate, in conjunction with the Dublin Mountain Partnership and Coillte. About 50 controls have been placed in these two areas. Philip Brennan was liaison with Dublin Mountains Partnership and along with Dave Weston and Brian Power agreed courses and sites for the controls. Dave and Philip even took on the task of digging in some of the stakes themselves with picks and shovels. All stakes are now placed on site with Orienteering markers on them. Maps and courses can be downloaded from the Coillte Outdoors website.

A POC is a number of permanent control points each with a wooden post, a red/white orienteering logo and a code number.  Many different orienteering routes can be created using these permanent controls and maps can be downloaded from the Coillte Outdoors website at Hell Fire Club & Massy's Estate.

This is the first of a series of courses to be launched by Coillte in 2009.  Two more are planned for Three Rock and Corrigolligan later in the year.

Note from Philip to IOA e-group

Well we have finally completed our permanent orienteering courses (POCs) up in the Hellfire Woods and Masseys Estate. We have three courses; long, medium and short in each forest and they are all now ready to be used.

Please log on to and click on the orienteering icon. This will bring you into the course details and you can download the map with your chosen course on it together with the relevant control descriptions. Each map has a row of numbered boxes into which you write the control codes as you visit each control.

We feel that the standard and quality of the courses and material used is quite high and I would like to publicly state that we have received tremendous support from Coillte Teo in terms of labour and materials to allow us to set up these courses to such a standard. Approval has been received for another 8 sites around the country and the relevant clubs involved are working with Coillte to assist in setting up the POCs.

We are looking for feedback on these POCs and I would urge you all to take a spin out and give these courses a lash. The autumn orienteering season is almost upon us and this is an ideal opportunity to re-hone your skills!

Let us know how you get on, we welcome any suggestions as to how we can improve on this model - its not perfect but we are looking on it as a template for future POCs around the country.

All (constructive) feedback please to Philip Brennan at philip at pmbrennan dot ie.